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Lam Son Sugar Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Lam Son Sugar Factory (March 31, 1980.), was established on December 6, 1999. With more than 35 years of experience in operation and production of sugar cane and agriculture. As domestic products and exported to the world, Lam Son Sugar Joint Stock Company always hopes to bring consumers top quality products associated with health safety. Moreover, the company wants to bring the mission to improve the quality of life and the development of the economy.

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Our story

All is natural”, we consider it as the Brand Essence of the Group, of Lasuco. Inspiring all products and services of the Group and Lasuco in intensive agriculture are nutritional food products…

Vision – Mission – Core Values

VISION To become the leading corporation in Vietnam applying High Technology in developing clean natural products with high nutritional content to meet the expectations of global consumers. 2. MISSION Lasuco always…

Our Promise

All is natural” is the message, the slogan of the brand and it is also our PROMISE. To do that, “we always invest strong, quality and reliable resources to create…